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Through the Half-Door

Shaskeen Music Book 1


A Collection of Irish Traditional Dance & Session Tunes as played by Shaskeen



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The Crossroads Dance

Shaskeen Music Book 2

The Crossroads Dance.

A Collection of Irish Traditional Dance & Session Tunes as played by Shaskeen



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              This unique book/CD package is a development of Geraldine's two best selling tutors that were published by Ossian Publications. It is aimed at both the tune player and the accompanist. The collection contains 50 simply arranged versions of dance tunes of various types, which can be performed on most melody instruments. She suggests chord symbols for accompaniment and also has arranged sample chord voicings for piano on a number of the tunes. This will be of particular interest to piano players who wish to develop their style.

              Because of the growing interest in information related to repertoire, she also includes background information that relates to the tunes. Because of her strong Clare roots and in particular her connection to West Clare it is no surprise that most of the tunes have been learned by her from Clare musicians or those with strong Clare ties. There are also more than thirty photos which relate to the tunes.
         The play-a-long CD is panned/balanced in such a way that the tune and accompaniment can be listened to separately. This is a particularly useful tool for those making the transition from beginner to session musician.

               Rogha can be ordered directly from Geraldine for € 25 plus postage and packaging. Contact Geraldine by email for postage and packing rates: Also Available from &   &

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