Shaskeen Recordings since first recording 1974

The following is a list of recordings made by Shaskeen in chronological order from first recording in 1973/4. The many live Radio & TV recordings are not included.

 The Shaskeen Release Records BRL4053 1974
 Green Groves of Erin
 Release Records XRL5001  1975
 The Dawn
 Release Records XRL5003 1977
 The Ash Plant Release Records  1978
 Shaskeen (Single) Release Records RL913 1978
 Shaskeen  (EP) Faoileann Records FA3501 1981
 The Joys of Life Faoileann Records FA3502 1983
 My Love's in America Faoileann Records CDFA3512 1986
 Atlantic Breeze
 Faoileann Records
 CDFA3504 1988
 Atlantic Breeze EP
 Faoileann Records CDFA3504 1988
 The Mouse Behind the Dresser Faolieann Records CDFA3505 1990
 Music for Set Dancing Vol.1 Faoileann Records CDFA3502/06 1994
 25th Silver Jubilee Collection Faoileann Records CDFA3509 1995
 Music for Set Dancing Vol.2 Faoileann Records CDFA3507 1995
 Shaskeen Live in Concert Video in Johnny Fox’s Pub    1995
 Music for Set Dancing Vol.3
 Faoileann Records CDFA3508 1997
 Music for Set Dancing Vol.4
 Faoileann Records CDFA3510 2000

 Walking up Town

 Faoileann Records CDFA3515 2009

 Shaskeen Live and Kicking Faoileann Records   CDFA3516/17   2020                                                 

Other recordings from Shaskeen members.

 There’s Always Room in Our House. Banjo/Sax  
Tom Cussen/Tony Howley CHCD1 2005
Trad Music from County Clare.Eamonn Cotter, Concert Flute CDEC01 1996
 Piano+ Irish Music on Piano & TinWhistle Geraldine Cotter GC001 2002
 The Good Friday Sessions, Live from Cregg CastlePat Broderick & Ann Marie Murray  2006

Some of these recordings are no longer available or may be available under different labels and catalogue numbers.